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Enrol to speak Polish!

Polish for foreigners

Communicative approach


Face-to-face and on-line

Join our course of Polish as a foreign language to see immediate effects

We know how challenging it might be to master one of the most difficult languages in the world.

That’s why we will do our best to make effective use of modern media and teaching tools, creative methods, and a communicative approach to ensure a smoother, easier, and more effective learning process.

As the only school in Poland, we will also deploy quick memorisation techniques to help you remember the words you need to know to study and work in our country. Our experienced, creative, and passionate teachers will try to communicate exclusively in Polish from the very beginning so that you can immerse yourself in the language and ‘absorb’ it, just like small children do when they learn their mother tongue.

  • Semester 1: 60 hours = 30 meetings, 90 minutes each
  • Semester 2: 60 hours = 30 meetings, 90 minutes each
  • Semester 3: 60 hours = 30 meetings, 90 minutes each
  • 3% for upfront payment;
  • PLN 50 for recommending a friend who will enrol effectively 
  • One full year (3 semesters) = one level
  • Course materials included in the price
  • Tuition fee can be broken into up to 3 instalment payments (no extra charges apply) 
  • PLN 100 of advance payment required (subtracted from the total amount payable)

PLN 46 / 90-min meeting = PLN 1399 / semester (60 hrs)

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